Thanks to everyone who has provided such generous feedback – here is just a small sample:

Thank you so much for R’s cake – he was really pleased with it and everyone thought it was great. He has managed to save some for his actually birthday, well that is unless he eats between now and then.

JS 1st November 2013


We loved your bread (the parmesan and tomato), it tasted great. We went to a craft fair the following week and bought a similar loaf, yours was much nicer … and bigger … and cheaper too! A April 2013

Andy and I are most impressed with your cakes. CM April 2013

My family enjoyed the sun-dried tomato bread and lavender cake and found them very tasty. IM April 2013

Very nice brownies, thank you! AC April 2013

We loved your muffins! IC 12th April 2013

our cakes were really good.  Nice flavour and I love marzipan JS 5th April 2013

Many thanks for the cakes – as always the coffee and walnut one is delicious. Have told R he has to wait until Easter for a slice of the Simnel cake. JS 26th March 2013

Cake a great success! A said that if she were gluten free she’d be delighted with the gluten free orange cake.

JP 16th Feb 2013


thanks for the delicious cakes… You know the sparkler you found for me, it was hilarious, but it set the fire alarm off at the venue that night!!! Spiced it all up a bit!! Xx CT 8th January 2013


I meant to catch you this morning at church to thank you for our yummy Christmas cakes

CB 7th January 2013


Our Christmas cake is lovely, thank you.  Really is just like my mum used to make.  The cake pressies were very popular too, so some of my next year’s Christmas present list is solved already.

JS 29th December 2012


The cake was brilliant and C loved it. Thanks. – WB December 2012

Lavender would be lovely, thank you, my favourite. – Ann xxx 10th December 2012

PS: Toby and I think your website is really good. – JB 23rd November 2012

Thank you for the cupcakes – as always really good. – JS 4th November 2012

Meant to say too, thank you so much for the lovely lavender cake, we turned it into a birthday cake, I am keeping the cupcakes for me though!!!  – AM 22nd October 2012