artisan breads and other foods

(This shows our popular Rustic Parmesan and Tomato plus one from our range of Soda Breads)

We love baking cakes but that’s not all we offer. We also make a delicious range of Chutneys, Soups and home baked Breads.

We make a traditional tin loaf to our special 1/2 and 1/2 recipe with a mix of white and wholemeal flour plus a fennel seed loaf and, for those of you, we have converted to love lavender, a lavender seed loaf.

We also bake a popular Parmesan and Tomato and a range of plain and flavoured Soda Breads.

Follow the links below for more info, and if there is any specific request then just drop us via email , phone or contact us.

Homemade Chutneys   Homemade Breads and Soups