Welcome to HoldenDeady Cakes and Bakes, feast your eyes on our delicious cakes and bakes.

Valentines cakes

We bake to order for special occasions and just those days when you feel like treating yourself to the real taste of great home-made baking.

Please visit our events page to see where you can next find us at a local craft fair or village sale or see our order form to order your cake to your own specification directly with us .

We have always made Christmas cakes for friends, families and charitable events plus, more recently, chutneys and other home-made goodies but it is only in the last couple of years with (supposedly!) more time on our hands that we thought we might expand a little to see if their is a market for our cakes and bakes.

During the autumn our main aim is to focus on making Christmas Cakes to order for those who have never made their own and for busy people who just don’t have the time.

We will also be looking at a range of chutneys – particularly the pineapple which proved so popular last year.

And, of course, there is the expanding range of traditional farmhouse fruit cakes and sponge cakes from the perennial favourite, coffee and walnut, to more modern flavours such as lavender and chocolate peppermint plus a variety of cupcakes for both grown-ups and children available to order at any time and which attract people’s attention to my stall at the various craft fairs and village hall events I go to.

After attending many a craft fair with other similar cake stalls we have begun baking a small range of home-baked breads as something a bit different, some of which have received some ‘rave’ reviews!

We hope you will find something to tempt you and look forward to hearing from you.